I'm not only passionate about my work, I am passionate in life... I'm only certain to have one life to live and I am not planning on wasting it, nor a second of it! I have a very curious nature and am in constant need of learning, discovering and experiencing new things.


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A little bit about me...

Born in Brussels, Belgium, I grew up speaking Flemish with my family and French at school. I had an early passion for the arts and had to convince my parents it was what I wanted to study and pursue in life... I graduated with honors from St.Luc institute of Brussels with a bachelor of graphic arts. My initial professional experience was within successful design companies in Amsterdam and Brussels. My thirst for new and exciting experiences didn't seem to want to end there... I broaden my horizons by coming to the United States, initially to study some more... then, to set up camp after falling in love with the new culture, people, language and paste of life.

In Rome, Italy, in 2007, I married the most wonderful person I have ever met in this life, which makes me exceedingly lucky and thankful on a daily basis. We share major common goals and passions such as traveling, real estate and everything entertaining: art, movies, music, food (restaurant outings) ...

Earlier this year we became the new parents of an amazing little baby girl, Samuelle. She somehow slipped in our luggage while on one of our most fabulous trips to Bali, Indonesia from which she inherited the inevitable middle name of Wayan (name of all Balinese firstborns)

Samuelle is probably the main reason I have left the fabulous "art gallery world" I was immersed into for over the past 5 years. Working as a freelancer now offers more freedom and variety - in the projects I take on.

We live in and work from the Mission. In my opinion it's the most colorful and culturally interesting neighborhood in San Francisco. We have a hard time imagining living anywhere else!

Besides design, I also have a passion for ART. When time allows, I love to work on my own art projects. My latest work is an homage to Johannes Vermeer, with my today's version of the milkmaid. One day, I'll have more time to paint - right?