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Before and After Interior Design project Pacific Heights San Francisco

San Francisco, Pacific Heights Interior Design Project: John is a 27 year old (modest) genius with an innumerable amount of education for us regular terrestrial folks. He is now a successful working part of a Bay area high tech company’ s colossus brain. Tho’ Being a nerd might have been considered unpopular a while back... Being a nerd is the “new sexy” these days so I definitely wanted to capitalize on John’s exceptional character trait within my design concept; this in a clever / fun/ contemporary and upscale fashion!

Project Inspiration:
Leonardo Da Vinci (1452 - 1519), an italian Renaissance polymath: painter, sculptor, architect, musician, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist and writer.

Client briefing: John wanted to upgrade his apartment...
from basic to “comfort”
from college years to “mature”
from messy to “seamless” (uncluttered)
from IKEA to “UPSCALE”
from generic to “individualized”
from compromised to “meant to be”
all ... while Keeping the space non-constrained (minimal) And have it be “at least as nice as a hotel”... so he can stop staying at hotels in his own city!

Client: John P. (San Francisco, CA)
Feedback on initial design presentation, September 19, 2011: "My first reaction is WOW -- I love it! :) I sent the presentation.pdf around to a few friends to get some quick feedback because I'm really bad at this stuff, and I think you may have some new potential customers soon :) I truly appreciate the time and effort you put into the document; it's well-presented and looks terrific. It's a huge improvement over what I have now :)"
Feedback during the process of the project, October 14, 2011: "I appreciate your work and am totally loving the progress :)"
Final appreciation of the project, December 20, 2011: "I love the place."

Date of Project: 2011

Before and After Interior Design project Nob Hill San Francisco

San Francisco, Nob Hill Interior Design Project: Maximize a small studio apartment downtown San Francisco into a very comfortable living space for short term vacational or corporate rentals. This project included: the design of custom made furniture (additional Kitchen counter & luxury murphy bed), new colors, choice of furniture & layout.

Guest review:The Best Place! "A charming studio, perfect in every way! The professional and endearing owners thought of details that brought smiles of delight to my face. Everything was easy, clean, efficient and beautiful. The Murphy bed was quick to maneuver and very comfortable, thank god, as I'm picky with beds :) Plenty of blankets and pillows. There are two lucite stools under the desk that double as night stands: light and easy to move to suit your purpose. I stored my luggage, and anything I didn't immediately require, in the space above the bed, up and out of the way, using a sturdy, fold-away step-ladder that's kept in the closet. This apartment also has heat, which came in handy during a particularly damp, cold, record-setting rainy night. Dealing with your garbage and recycling is easy, just down a few stairs. I loved being able to do my own laundry in the Euro washer/dryer combo, nothing like having fresh, clean clothes & bedding on holiday ;) The location is excellent (beware the mighty Nob Hill on your way home at the end of the day) and a wonderful reprieve from the hustle and bustle in the heart of the city. Another thing I reveled in was calling it home, my apartment or the condo.... instead of saying "the hotel." There is an elevator in the building, so you're not lugging bags up flights of stairs (just the first steps at the entrance.) The store next door offers everything you need in terms of groceries, libations, personal, etc. and is run by very friendly staff. Taxis are abundant across the street. Also the two cable car lines are nearby (if you don't want to climb that hill - haha) but not so close that you hear them. Altho petite, the well-appointed space had enough room to host family and friends for a glass of champagne prior to dinner out. A convenient bonus is the free local telephone. I highly recommend this gorgeous, creative space to anyone looking for a true native San Francisco experience, free of the trappings of a hotel. It's ideal for one or two close people. So glad I found this place with such wonderful owners and I look forward to my next visit!"

Guest: Sweet Angel(Canada)
Date of Stay: 04/09/10 Review Submitted: 04/19/10

Fore more 5 star reviews or if you want to check-it out in person during a little San Francisco get-away, visit: Homeaway!

Before and After Interior Design project in Oakland Hills
After photos of interior design project in Oakland Hills
Oakland Hills Interior Design Project: Turn a 2 bedroom/1 bath apartment into a short term vacational rental.The goal is to have a neutral but upscale & hip hotel feel to the unit, in order to appeal to a broad group of potential guests. This project was a total make-over including: new floaring, new colors, new sliging doors in the kitchen to open up to the amazing views, new window treatments, furniture & new layout.

Owners review: "We engaged Deborah to design the interior of an upstairs flat that serves as an entertainment space, and guest residence. Having lived in the space for 17 years, it had layers of furniture styles that reflected our changing design tastes over the years, none of which were integrated. We envisioned a beautiful, harmonious interior that was elegant and at the same time comfortable and cozy. Deborah made some bold choices that we would never have dreamed of. In doing so, she fulfilled one of the roles that we very much needed: help in getting beyond our closely held assumptions and knee-jerk preferences. She led us, very professionally, into considering intriguing options that stretched our imaginations. Along the way, she created a mood board and used photoshop to allow us to see, and feel, the design decisions before they were implemented. She researched beautiful options for flooring, lighting, colors, furniture, and window treatments, guiding us into making choices that, at the end, achieved perfectly the interior designed that we'd hoped for but never could have achieved on our own. Two qualities add value to Deborah's exceptionally creative sense of color, proportion, and design: 1) she is practical in budgeting, helping us splurge a bit on a few items that added just the right extra impact to the space, while guiding us in economizing on other items so that we stayed within our budget; 2) she is detail oriented in the extreme, maintaining records that kept us on track and that chronicled our journey through swatches and samples -- so that, at the end of the project, she presented us with a large, much appreciated project binder. I highly recommend Deborah, and expect to use her services over and over, not only for interior design but also graphic design for our business. She is an exceptional talent and a pleasure to work with." February 17, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative
Dee Fisher / hired Deborah as an Interior Designer in 2009, and hired Deborah more than once

By the way, you can stay at this beautiful rental! Check it out: http://www.vrbo.com/305266

Mission interior design project before & after
Mission interior design project before & after

San Francisco, Inner Mission Interior Design Project: Make an outdated space into our home, on a very tide budget (as the main portion of the budget goes to the mortgage! Anyone living in San Francisco can relate;). This project included: new colors, new flooring, choice of furniture, new layout... Design style: Recycling! Making the best of what we had to work with in terms of kitchen cabinetery etc.

Our review:"We LOVE our home in colorful Mission! Working with an outdated kitchen and turning it into something flavorful with character was a LOT of FUN! It makes for something unique as opposed to the standard granit counter tops and cherri cabinetery you see everywhere these days... And it was very economical! A few buckets of paint and soar arms!! It's warm, it's cosy, and our guests are never shy in compliments when they come by."

Us: Alan Leerkamp, Deborah Jacobs & Capsule, the cat
Date of Project: 2006

Baby Room DecorationsAfter

San Francisco, Inner Mission, Baby Girl Nursery Design Project: The entire house has beautiful dark hardwood floors... so the project was to make this little room with dark floors: fun, colorful, warm, unique and full of LOVE to welcome our first little baby girl into this world.

Our review:"The little room is full of magic. Mostely by her precence, of course! But also thanks to the lively bold colors and all the fun animal friends all over the walls (Giant pink elephant, silly monkey, tall uncle giraffe, huge crying lion, the five little ducks who went out to play...).The beautiful dark wood furniture might not be the first pick you'd think of for a little baby girl, but it ties in the hard wood floors beautifully and they make for crisp contrasts with "baby girly" colors -- without the room becoming a giant pink nightmare. We LOVE IT, and so does she... Plus, we think the room is blessed by the sleep-fairy, as baby girl sleeps through the night since week #4! From 8 PM to 8 AM, every single night!! Can you see us smiling BIG TIME?"

Us: Alan Leerkamp, Deborah Jacobs
Date of Project: 2010

Bathroom Reno on a budjet: Before and After

San Francisco, Inner Mission Bathroom Interior Design Project on a Budget: Make an outdated, small bathroom into an updated and classic looking bathroom -- on a budget. Including new color, new tiles, new vaity and accents.

Our review:"We were 5 months pregnant and decided we needed to do something about our bathroom!! And quick! We had been pushing it off waiting for the perfect budget and timing to come around and finally figured that that would not happen anytime soon! So, we did it, on our hands and knees we went. Result: We are very happy with it."

Us: Alan Leerkamp, Deborah Jacobs
Date of Project: 2009

Showroom color pick before and after

Oakland, Showroom Interior Design Project: Picking a color for this industrial space that showcases numerous insert fireplaces. Here is a quick computer sketch to illustrate my color proposal: neutral and contemporary choice to accentuate the loft-style feel of the showroom.

Client Review:"We love it. We went with the suggested color and we LOVE it."
Client: KIDD fireplace and spa services.
Date of Project: 2010

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