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OVER 12 YEARS of experience working with big design firms in Europe, upscale art galleries in the US and a wide variety of fabulous freelance clients!

In the [PRINT] field, I have designed and produced hundreds of high quality publications (brochures, catalogs, mailers, magazine ads, posters, etc)... My experience working for luxury contemporary art galleries has reinforced my color and pre-press expertise! Not only do I enjoy every step of the way, but my pride is at stake with every single one of my projects!

[PACKAGING] design was my favorite practice during my early years and still is... Working in 3 dimension makes it 3x more exciting!

[CORPORATE & BRANDING] design make for a new and exhilirating challenge each time! Creating clever corporate collaterals from the new branding or corporate identity is a thrilling match between mind and eye.

[WEB] design came with the territory! Another fun media to create for... Although coding isn't my favorite discipline, it is a stimulating means to an interesting and interactive end... I am proficient with HTML, CSS and Dreamweaver, and know my way around Flash. I am always on the lookout for new ways to better implement a design to the web. Being resourceful is one of my biggest skills within this domain. Visit one of my favorite websites: Doug Ownen Sculptures, for whom I took the photography at his artist studio in Arizona and designed a portfolio website. A fun project for a wonderful artist!

My most memorable [EXHIBIT] stand design experience and project was in Amsterdam, Holland while working for Aestron Design. A new tele-communications company came about and needed an exhibit stand to introduce it's existence and branding to the dutch public. My design (as a junior designer at the time) was chosen and I had the intoxicating opportunity to oversee my design through production! Check it out!

[INTERIOR] design has become one of my favorite endeavors in this life... Although I didn't get a degree in the actual field, my overall design talent and love for creating unique and beautiful spaces is unmatched and makes for self-made successful results! My personal projects seen by others, have organically led me to other clients and further successful interior design projects...

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