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or ON-site services:


- corporate design
- branding design
- packaging design
- brochures, catalogs, ads...


- website & banner design
- coding, publishing & SEO for small websites (portofolios etc)


- maximizing small spaces
- updating an interior
- corporate or vacation rentals


Yes, International or Local services:
With today's available technology, you can hire me from anywhere in the world! It's easy to exchange files and communicate without any added costs. We just might need to figure out the time difference to avoid calling each other in the middle of the night!

Off-site or On-site:
If in the Bay Area, I'm flexible! We can discuss your specific project needs!

Print design:
From start to finish, with a great design. I'm an expert with color and pre-press file preparations.

Web design:
& small site programming:
I'm a designer not a programmer, so I mainly design for the web BUT I do also program small business or individual (portfolio) websites as well.

Digital Photography:
& Photo Editing:
I can do your digital product photography and as a photoshop expert I can manipulate your images (superimposing, retouching, color corrections, etc)

Interior design:
As it reads in my resume, I earned my bachelor's degree in graphic arts & design ... not interior design. BUT, if your passion in life is design, and you have a great eye for it, it doesn't matter what you end up applying it to! After designing a first short term corporate rental space, I was asked to redesign an interior, after which I was asked to redesign a show-room and so fourth! I LOVE designing interiors, maximizing spaces, bringing out a space's personality or someone's personality in a space! It's my passion and I would love nothing more then to share it with you if you are in need!


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