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- "Deborah has worked with Caldwell/Snyder Gallery as a designer /photographer. For me she has designed the most superb invitations magineable. She is extremely sensitive to what is require to produce a desing not only striking but in accord with the art that is portrayed in the final printed product. In addition she has taken great photographs of both me and my art. Her eye is faultless. I could not imagine a better person! January 4, 2010
/ By
Gary Bukovnik, renowned artist, hired Deborah as a Designer/Photographer in 2006-2010, and hired Deborah more than once

- "Deborah has a genuine intuitive eye for design and aesthetics. She has a firm grasp on the creative development and production of high quality print material. She is able to mediate between company branding and creative design to create a seamless product. Deborah's professional demeanor and positive outlook make her a joy to work with!" April 2, 2009
/ By
Christina Maybaum, Gallery Associate, Caldwell Snyder Gallery (worked directly with Deborah at Caldwell Snyder)

- "I recommend Ms. Jacobs as a top-notch graphic designer as she showed care and commitment to delivering a job on time and with excellence. Her innate creativity provided an advantage in making a beautiful web site and promotional material that not only met my need, but she was able to translate my vision accurately. Ms. Jacobs is reliable in producing the highest standard of a job well done." April 1, 2008
/ By
Elle Maldonado Children's author/illustrator/writer

- "Deborah developed the entire brand portfolio for my company including logo and business cards, the creation of print magazine advertising layout, product photography and essential complete web site development. Deborah was able to translate our ideas and company vision into a reality that went far beyond our expectations. She was able to master graphic design in all forms (web and print) with ease and absolute perfection. Her creative out-of-the-box thinking makes her the most talented and sought after graphic designer around." April 1, 2008
/ By
Linda Collier, business owner, , hired Deborah as a Designer/Photographer in 2006-2008, and hired Deborah more than once

- "Deborah is an extremely talented designer, it's been a true pleasure working with her throughout the years, and getting to know her while doing so, as we have become friend in the process. I highly recommend her!" August, 2009
/ By Doug Owen, renowned artist, hired Deborah as a Designer/Photographer in 2005-2010, and hired Deborah more than once

- "Debo has great sense of art!"
April 7, 2008 / By
Lieke Dirkx, graphic & packaging designer (worked with Deborah at Aestron design)

- "Deborah is an excellent art designer. Her graphic and web designs have an aesthetic a cut above the rest. She gets into her client's head to determine the vision for the products/services and amply researches her subject as a fundamental starting point. Deborah designed a company and product logo for me in 2003 and I've seen the work she has done for others. I was impressed with her professionalism, work ethic, integrity, creative design process, and the undeniable beauty of her end work product." February 20, 2008
/ By
Lisa Violet, business owner



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Testimonials for Deborah Jacobs
Art Director & Senior Graphic Designer

- "At DesignBoard, Deborah was a very lively designer, open to the world and its citizens. She contributed to our design excellence by sharing her talent and all her previous design and artistic experiences and competences." October 15, 2008
/ By
Patrick Marette, Owner of Design Board in Brussels, Belgium

- "Deborah is the most creative person I know; an amazing eye for color. Not to mention a strong work ethic. I would trust Deborah for any creative project!" April 7, 2008 / By Lucy Marino, Division Director, The Creative Group

- "Deborah was a very talented and creative Art Director for our gallery. Very pleasant to work with, responsible and reliable. I highly recommend her for any design or website needs." January 24, 2011 / By Susan Snyder, Owner and Director of Caldwell Snyder Galleries

- "I highly recommend Deborah, and expect to use her services over and over, not only for interior design but also graphic design for our business. She is an exceptional talent and a pleasure to work with." February 17, 2010 / By Dee Fisher, Owner of Kidd Fireplaces & Spa


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